Hi, my name is Ellie.
I design and build websites.

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Hello World!

Hey there! My name is Elizabeth "Ellie" Solorio. I'm a San Diego based Front End Web Developer with a love for coffee, long naps, music, reading, collecting fun nail polish colors, saying hi to all the dogs, and everything Disney. I also enjoy going on hikes and building LEGO sets with my boyfriend! I mostly love being creative and often wind up with tons of ideas for projects I want to build. Really Random Fun Fact: I'm a synesthete - I have chromesthesia, so I experience most sounds as color.

I started learning how to code with resources like freeCodeCamp, Udemy, and Skillcrush as well as joined communities like Women Who Code San Diego. I earned my certificate in Front End Web Development through UCSD Extension and San Diego Workforce Partnership's Income Share Agreement program in December 2020. I currently work as a Web Content Producer at Petco and helped with the site relaunch in 2020. I love working with my awesome team!

Skills and Work

Just a few fun projects. I'm always learning something new!

SooShii Restaurant Website
Magic 8-Ball
Omnifood Project
Random Quote Generator
Random Quote Generator
Jubilee Austen

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